Linking Land, Air, Sea, and Space to Dominate the Battlefield of Tomorrow

The most important element in the battlefield of the future won’t be rockets, bullets, or robots, but data, the ability to collect it at any point and send it precisely to where it needs to be. The shareability of data is at the heart of the U.S. military’s next-generation Multi-Domain Operations concept, a vision of the future in which every tool in the U.S. arsenal, in the land, air, sea, space and cyberspace, can communicate instantaneously at high bandwidth. This panel will look at the future of that idea, what it means for tomorrow's warfare and the challenges and opportunities ahead. Featuring a session presented by our underwriter Adobe.


Cynthia Bedell, Director, Computational & Information Sciences Directorate, Combat Capabilities Development Command, Army Research Laboratory
Preston Dunlap, Chief Architect, Department of the Air Force
Dr. Tim Grayson, Director, Strategic Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Lisa Sanders, Director, Science and Technology, Special Operations Command (SOCOM)
Patrick Tucker, Technology Editor, Defense One
Yasir Saleem, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe