Bringing America's Tech Talent Into the Defense Department

During much of the Cold War, the U.S. government accounted for two thirds of the nation’s research and engineering budget and the private sector accounted for one third. Those numbers have since switched. The private sector is now America’s innovation leader and Silicon Valley is the leader in that private sector. U.S. military leaders have said that the way the military builds and buys technology has to speed up, become more transparent, and that open platform architectures are the way of the future. We’ll look at the successes and failure of the Pentagon’s efforts to reach out to small non-traditional IT players and where those efforts are headed next.


Chris Lynch, CEO, Rebellion Defense
Christan Johnson (CJ), Talent Lead, Defense Digital Service
Tara Murphy Dougherty, CEO, Govini
Frank Konkel - Moderator, Executive Editor, Nextgov